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 ESSEN !!!!!

Abschlusskonzert der "Zimmer 483"-Tour durch Europa:

>>Durch den Monsun (1)
>>Durch den Monsun (2)
>>Vergessene Kinder
>>Rette Mich
>>Wo sind eure Hände
>>1.000 Meere (1)
>>1.000 Meere (2)
>>Ich brech aus
>>Ich bin nich' ich
>>Nochmal Ich bin nich' ich 
>>In die Nacht

SCREAM live in Bercy !!!!!

Das Interview zur "1000 Hotels - Tour" :

Das Frankreich - Interview ^^ :

Hier noch die englische Übersetzung :

Cauet: Good evening, Welcome...Magic
Bill: Good evening!

Cecile: How do we say good evening in German?

Bill: Gut'nacht... n'aben'

Tom: N'aben'

Cauet: These are our guests tonight to start off the year on a good foot. The Tokio Hotels (it's so annoying when they call them that >.< can they just call them "Tokio Hotel" God.) My, I'm super happy. There's tons of stuff. If you are fans, if you haven't already received it for Christmas, but maybe tons of people received it for CHristmas, it's a DVD, that is the DVD of Tokio Hotel that's called, attention, Zimmer 483 Live in Europe.

Cecile - How do you say 483 in German?

Tom and Bill: Vier Acht Drei!

Cauet - Vier Acht Drei !! My German is very bad. March 2008, there is a tour. Bercy the 9th and 10th, it's complete, you forget. The new unedited single, we'll talk about later. It came out Monday, the 7th of January, we'll talk about it again in a few minutes. So it's time to introduce Tokio Hotel, but who is who?

Cauet - Bill, hello

Bill - Hallo

Cauet - Very happy.(wtf?) In French, we say "Bonjour".

Bill - Bonsoir! (good evening)

Cauet - Beside you we have Tom, Hello Tom!

Tom - Salut! (Hi!)

Cauet - Are you all doing well? Beside Tom we have Gustav, not Goostav, goostaf. (she got it wrong it was Georg : x)

Cécile - Gustav !

Gustav - No that's me.

Cécile - No it's him Gustav!

Cauet - And there's George (she says it the English and French way)

Georg - George!

Cauet - Hello George. And Gustav! Hello Gustav. So Tokio Hotel have been together for 6 years.

Cécile - 6 years!

Cauet - Already 6 years?
Bill - We've been together for 7 years but it's only been 2 and a half years that we're known.

Cauet - So it's the phenomenon of 2007. 2 millon and a half albums sold in the world, 650 thousand in France mille, over 3 thousand and a half internet pages. Do you realise it? Do you get still realize it or is it all getting old to you?
Bill - No it can't get boring, it's impossible. It's been 2 and a half years, so uhhh... We love each day, it's like a giant dream we are living. And we try to take advantage of it to the maximum. We never get bored because everyday is new. Every day brings something nee. And new countries to.

Cauet - And do you realise that there are hundreds of thousands of girls that would pay millions to be in this chair right here?

Bill - Yeah, definetly, we know.

Tom - In fact it's super, we know, we know, but well, we still have to say... Sitting beside Georg smells sometimes, but you get used to it. With time you finish by getting use to it (omg )

Cauet - Well I still have to tell you I rented these couches. There's are dozens of people coming over to my house later to use it. (wtf?)

Cécile - To embarasse you guys (wow.)

Bill - Ok, no problem

Tom - Sehr gut (very good)

Cauet- Very good, that I remember.

Cécile - I little word in French?

Tom - Y'a pas de probléme (no problem, but he sways it in french)

Cécile - There's no problem!, ja ja, there's no problem! Sorry.

Cauet - Bill, are you starting to learn French?

Bill - Nein. I learned French for 3 years in school and all I learned was how to say my name and where I came from, in fact I slept during classes. Languages aren't really my thing.

Cauet - Ich bin Sébastien Cauet. (I am Sebastien Cauet)

Cécile- Ich bin Cécile.

Bill - Je m'appélle Bill... (My name is Bill!)

Cauet - Ja. Wunderbar !

Bill - J'habite à Magdebourg...(I live in Magdebourg)

Cauet- Very good! und diese dvd (Tom
et Bill - Ja !) ist wunderbar ! (all four : Jaaa !!). Here is a clip from the DVD.

Cécile : Is it true that a fan sent you a washcloth, and asked you to wash yourself with it and then send it back to her?
Tom : Yes except it was more a hint for Georg.
Bill : No I had never heard that story before. Sometimes we throw towels in the crowd at gigs, and girls love it, but that one, no.
Georg : But Tom got a wash brush lately.
Bill : Right, that's true / it was nice.
Tom : And I had to brush Georg's ass hair with it.

Cauet and girl host (Cécile) : Poor Georg...
Cauet : Quick questions : Who has his driving license?
Tom : Moi! (me, in French)
Georg : Moi!

Cauet : who gets the more fan mail?
Bill : Ich! Quite clearly.
Tom : Moi! (at the same time as Bill, and they both insist and won't drop it)
Cauet : Ah, they don't agree. Okay, in one minute they're going to beat each other... Who earns the more money?

Collective diplomatic answer : We all get little money.

Cauet : Who wants the most to go solo?
Bill : Gustav!
Tom : Yeah, as a porn actor sure...

Cauet : Right, and so who has the more porn books under his bed?
Tom : Gustav. But videos, not books.

Cauet : Surely. Who parties the most?
Bill : Georg! He's the best dancer too.
Tom and Gustav confirm.
Georg : Yes, I'm the band's party-lover (?... I think?)

Cauet : Which of you has a pretty, 20-yrs old sister that they could introduce to me?...
Bill : Gustav has a sister.
Tom (? I think) : But she looks like him.
Cécile : Gustav has a sister but she looks like him so [implied : she's not pretty]
Cauet : It's always the same story, sadly.

Cauet : For the fans, the album has been re-released last week, Zimmer (tries to pronounce "Vier acht drei" and can't).
Girl goes : Ein zwei drei vier! (1 2 3 4 in German) Zimmer 4...
Tom interrupts : Chambre 4 8 3 (Bedroom 4 8 3, in French
- in French the term for hotel room is specific to sleeping room / bedroom)
Cécile : He said bedroom!
Cauet : No, it's not bedroom.
Cécile : No really, he said bedroom.
Cauet : Of course, he only goes in bedrooms 483. So, for the fans, the album is out again, and a short clip of the music video.

Excerpt from 1000 Meere video.

Cauet : Guys, some more questions, and you answer "yes", "no" or "I don't know". Did you ever find a fan in your hotel room?
Bill : Yes, no, I don't know.
Cauet : Only "yes" OR "no" OR "I don't know"!
Tom : (points at himself) Yes. (Points at Gus, Georg and Bill) No.
Cécile : Gustav?
Tom : No! (repeats)

Cauet : Did you ever read something totally crazy about yourselves?
all together : YES! (loud and clear...)
Cauet : What kind of things?
they speak together then Bill : Each year people say that we're going to split and that we argued, each time we're not releasing a new song or a new album for some time.
Cécile : To start a new rumor, can you argue right now?
Bill : No, but you can see it in the DVD (darn, Bill. You're such a perfect marketing boy, always advirtising your product... You scare me sometimes). We've been followed by a crew during our tour, and in the DVD you can see a small argument between Tom and me.
Tom : A very small argument.

Cauet : Don't you think I have the looks that would allow me to be in your band, the 5th member?
Georg, Tom and Bill : No.
Cauet : ... Okay, at least that's clear...

Cauet : Is your family happy of what you're doing?
Bill/Tom/Georg : Yes.

Cécile : Are you all single?
Bill : Yes.

Cauet : The question you must have been asked a thousand times, but I don't care, I ask it again : why Tokio Hotel?
Tom : Yes.
Bill : I don't know. (then same old story about them loving big towns blah blah).

Cauet : Last, Bill, I have a question, between ourselves... When I was in junior high school, I had German lessons, and so I was taught : (he says the following in German) : "Rolf and Gisela. Where are Rolf and Gisela? Rolf and Gisela are in the kitchen. Where is the cat? The cat is in the tree. Brring brring. The phone rings." (etc - obviously the first lesson of German 101...) Bill, tell me : who are Rolf and Gisela?
Bill : I don't know?!
Tom : But obviously it's sexual. Rolf must be (... is there a nickname in English that would be used to name a penis?), and Gisela must be a pussy.

Cauet : Okay, Tokio Hotel were the first guests of 2008 on our show, thank you guys, can you wish our audience a happy new year?

TH : Hello, we are TH, we wish you a [the rest in French :] Happy New Year!


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